Article 15 of the Offensive Weapons Bill (HC Bill 232)

 In Notices

It has been brought to our attention that the Government are bringing in a new law that will affect how you purchase online sharp tools which are needed to carry out our craft and would normally have been delivered to your home.

This draft new law will make it impossible for self-employed tradesmen to have bladed tools delivered to their residence, hobbyists to acquire specialist tools that over the counter retailers could not justify stocking and furthermore it contravenes the human rights of the house bound and the infirm unable to travel to bricks and mortar shops.

How you are affected?

As part of the proposed legislation covering the sale of offensive weapons, the Government is proposing to stop the delivery of certain items to residential addresses. For some this may be an inconvenience, for others it will potentially stop them carrying out their legitimate woodworking activities.  The likes of Ashley Iles, Turners Retreat to name only two, would therefore not be able to post items listed below to your home.

Whilst we are sympathetic with the Government’s efforts to reduce knife-crime, we feel that tools of this type should be allowed to be purchased by anyone who needs them and have them delivered to a location suitable, i.e. their home address.

Examples of the sorts of items that could be included are:

  • Carving chisels and gouges
  • Carving knives
  • Spoke shaves and draw knives
  • Lino cutters
  • Plane blades
  • Woodturning gouges
  • Carpenters’ chisels

What can you do?

There are a couple of simple ways you can have your say on this.

What is your club doing about this?

Following our recent Committee meeting, this matter was raised and we have agreed to invite our local MPs to a Hands on Night to show them what we do and how this change in the law could affect what we do.  Whether we will be successful or not is another matter, but we have to try something.  So in the meantime, show your support by going and signing the Online Petition, which at the time of posting this News Post article had 22,599 signatures.

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  • Chris Fisher

    I suppose it’s understandable concidering the amount of crime being committed with sharp instruments. I think it’s been discussed before at meetings,is it worth the Club carrying a small stock of the most used Woodturning tools? Do you think it’s worth concidering.

  • Rob Marvin

    If i read your article correct,It would most likely be an offence having purchase a tool,taking it home with you,being stoped by the police,a possibilty of a charge of carring an offensive weapon.
    would that be more likely with the new law.

    • Martin Pigott

      Rob, it’s not an offence to purchase from a shop as the buyer and seller are both present face to face. As for getting stopped, I would argue a gouge is an offensive weapon but that’s why there’s the petition. It’s an offence to sell to anyone under 18, so we should all be ok! Check out the full bill here:

  • Chris Fisher

    Wouldn’t it be nice if more people used our Web site to ask questions, express a point of view or just have a general chat about our great Club. Could I make a suggestion, how about the Committee members start the ball rolling, pick a subject, for example let’s all have a go at Chris😊😊 now there’s plenty to have a go at there. Be advised I bite back, be gentle with me and use the forum.

    • Martin Pigott

      Yes Chris it would be great to see more members interacting on these news posts. I might have a look at putting a forum page to enable people to ask questions or to discuss stuff. However on the old website we had that and nobody used it. I would be interested to see how many of the 72 subscribers actually read the posts.

  • Chris Fisher

    It might be worth a try Martin, although it means more work for you.

  • Ron Marnie

    Great idea. I would use it for sure. Not to have a snipe at Chris though. His wit is too sharp to be sent through the post! Should be a law against it. I think the show of hands at last evening’s meeting was very encouraging and shows how much appreciated this medium is.

  • Chris Fisher

    Hey Ron we really appreciate you taking the time to make a comment and we wish more members would follow your lead, and I agree it was encouraging to see so many hands go up, now all they need to do is use their fingers on their keyboards and start getting involved.
    I’ve taken no offence with your reference to my wit, however my Solicitor will be in touch with you shortly😂😂. Thank you my Woodturning buddy!!

  • Chris Fisher

    I just thought I would let you all know, I have posted pictures of our competition table and winners on Instagram, I’ve just checked and we have recieved High praise for the quality of work from Les Thorne, if you don’t know Les he is primarily a production turner, teaches and demonstrates, so well done to everybody who took the time to enter the competition.

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