Chairman’s Notes for Tuesday 28th Aug 2018

 In Notices

A warm welcome to all our members and guests especially any new members.

Although I was not able to attend, the previous Hands On night was a great success with several potential new members wishing to ‘have a go’ lets hope this encourages them to become members.

Our next all day event is on Saturday 20th. October when ‘Emma’ the tiny turner will be demonstrating for us. As you know Emma is an excellent demonstrator. These all day events take a lot of organising so please try to support this event – tickets are available from John at the desk.

For many years we have organized a quiz following our Christmas Dinner. This may have run its course so we are looking for some alternative entertainment. If you have an idea or suggestion what this should be please speak to any of the committee. There has been a small increase in the cost of the meal, so the final cost of tickets will be decided at the next committee meeting. We hope to have tickets available at the next ‘Hands On’ night 11th September.

This is a good time to remind Committee members our next meeting is on the 4th September 7pm at the West Ashby Arms.

We still require more prizes for our Air Ambulance Raffle. If any member could approach a local business where they have a contact and persuade them to donate a prize it would be appreciated. We have flyers available from the desk with full details of the raffle that you may use. We hope to start selling raffle tickets early Autumn.

Thank to all who donated discarded clothing, shoes, bedding and handbags etc. Please continue to bring items to our collection point, as this is an excellent way to contribute to the Air Ambulance.

Don’t forget to visit our shop as we have a full range of finishing products and many other interesting items – all at bargain prices.

Just a few more notes for your diary:

Our next Hands-On night 11th September 18

North of England Woodworking and Power Tool Show – Harrogate 16/17/18th November 18.

Tuesday September 18th LAW [Leasingham) Demonstration with Richard Findley.

Our Demonstrator for tonight 28th August is David Lowe.

I hope to see you all then, Geoff

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  • Chris Fisher

    I don’t remember any discussion about the Christmas Quizz being abandoned, was this idea floated outside of a Committee Meeting. I thought it was for the members to decide on this sort of question or am I wrong. By all means change the Quizz master, try someone fresh, but to say it may have run its course without discussion. There is nothing wrong with changing things round providing it’s discussed and agreed. As far as the Christmas Dinner is concerned I hope it’s better than the Summer one was.

  • Mick Close

    Mick Close. 27.8.18. – as organiser of the Xmas dinner it was my request for this to be added to the Chairman’s notes so that it could
    discussed at tomorrows meeting, democratically and not out of Committee. If it is decided by the members who attend the dinner to change , to whatever format, I was going to ask for it to go onto the agenda at next weeks Committee meeting. As for the comments about the summer event I went round everyone there checking everything was ok, I received no complaints or comments about the evening then or since. As I am giving up Programme Sect. next year it will be up to someone else to arrange these events and I will be able to go and enjoy the evenings with my friends and not concerned about the evening running smoothly.
    Mick Close

  • Chris Fisher

    Mick, as long as the members get their say that’s all I interested in. The words in the notes, “may have run its course” jumped out at me, you could well be right and if it turns out that that is the case so be it. In any case I was going to suggest a change of Quizz master.
    You know what the members are like, they more often than not dont speak up so we don’t always know what they are thinking. I’ve already informed Alan I am unable to attend the next Committee meeting, so I will go with whatever the Committee decide.

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