Terry Smart from Chestnut Demo and Competition Results

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On 29 May 18, we were delighted to see Terry Smart from Chestnut Products back with us to give us a demo on the best use of the wide range of their products to give the perfect finish.  He went through the importance of sanding sealers and recommends that they are not thinned as often done by a lot of turners. Then moving onto the various waxes, burnishing cream, the new buffing tree system and lacquers to name just a few.  Of course, we sell a wide range of Chestnut Products in our shop at very competitive prices to members so you can go and try out what you have learnt.

We have previously created a dedicated Chestnut Products page on our website that features all the current Finishing School Leaflets which you can download and links to the Youtube videos that Terry mentioned during his demo.  Check out the latest two videos that have now been added.

The Conkers Facebook Group that Terry mentioned can be found here and is a good source of information and help with finishing.

Competition Results

Novice Class – 1st – Alan Clift, 2nd – Steve Morley, 3rd – Shaun Pearson and Nick Windley.



Club Class – No Entrants

Open Class – 1st – Peter Hallam, 2nd – Chris Fisher, 3rd – Peter Barrack


Name Badges

There have been some queries over the name badges and the reasons why they are being introduced. So let me explain and clear up a few things.  Although we pride ourselves on being a friendly club and hopefully we all quickly get to know each others by name, we have a lot of new members and guests who we may not have seen before and no one present knows them.  So it is important for every ones health and safety that we can quickly identify who is who in the case of an emergency, such as a sudden illness.  If you have invested in your own club shirt which has your name on already and wear it to all meetings, fantastic and thanks for supporting your club.  In this case, obviously you don’t need to wear an additional name badge.  Every member will be issued with a name badge irrespective of having a named shirt or not.  Those without a named shirt, please remember to bring and wear the issued badges.  Guests or those members who have forgotten to bring their issued badge or their shirt is in the wash, will be required to write their name on a sticky label to wear during all meetings.  Hopefully, that has cleared that one up.


Those on the Committee, the next meeting is on 5th June, 7pm at the West Ashby Arms.

We look forward to seeing you all at the next hands on night on 12 June 7pm to 10pm.

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  • Chris Fisher

    Well written Martin and a clear explanation, lets hope that everyone now understands the reasoning behind the name badges.
    Well done Sir 👍👍

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