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Well Geoff is away for this next meeting so the notices has fallen to Chris, the Vice Chair.

I am sure you will not have missed all the GDPR emails filling your inbox and in the news, so you can appreciate we as a club have to comply as well.  One of the consequences of GDPR is that the club must specifically “opt-in” to various data collection and processing practices employed by the club.
Our Membership Secretary has started the procedure and we would ask any member who has not completed the membership renewal sheet to see Jay during the evening.
To help identify all members and guests, we are introducing names badges for all members. These will be required to be worn at every meeting, so please remember to bring them. These will be distributed to those that have completed the renewal form discussed above. It has been proposed that we offer the opportunity for members to store their badges at the club between sessions, so please deposit them in the box by the door on your way out if you want to.  Guests (and members who have forgotten / not received a badge) can write their own sticky name label.  Rather than a snarl up the door, we propose that we pass labels & pens down each seated row. Then members can fill one in as you sit (obviously only to be completed if no badge is available).
After the success of the Rick Dobney’s All day demo, can we remind you that tickets are on sale for Emma the Tiny Turner, see John on the door.
Talking of tickets, our next club event is on the 1st July is the Summer Grill night at the Splash, so again see John for tickets.
Lastly, regarding Training days, we have had a few dates proposed and the most likely is now the 23 June, based on several have passed or too short notice, so if you have put your name down already, please confirm you are still available for that date.
This month we welcome back Terry Smart from Chestnut Products who will show you how to get the best out of their products.
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