More Chestnut Products Finishing School Leaflets & YouTube Videos

 In Notices

Chestnut Products have now released another six Finishing School lessons on Applying the new Cut ‘n’ Wax, Choosing a Lacquer, Applying a Lacquer, Applying Friction Polish, Applying Wood Wax 22 and Applying Microcrystalline Wax, all of which you can find a pdf copy on our Members Download page, kindly provided by Terry at Chestnut.

Also, they have produced 4 new videos on how to use their products which are on their website or YouTube channel. However, to make it easier for you to access all this useful information, with kind permission from Terry, we have produced a new dedicated page on our website, called Chestnut Products which can be found under the Members Area.  As more information is provided you will get to see it here. Now go and check it out.


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