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Chestnut Products have been running a series of Finishing School lessons in magazines showing some of the basics about their products and how to use them.  They are reproducing them and adding more each month as they are published.

Click on this link to take you to the Finishing School where you can view them now.  By kind permission from Terry at Chestnut, we now have them as pdfs for you to download from our Members Download page.  Then once you have learnt all about the products, come and buy them from our Club Shop.

They are asked lots of questions about their products at the various shows/events, so they have now put together News letters so that everyone can benefit from the information and pick up some new tips.  There are archives on their site, but if you want to get them when they are released, you can subscribe to their newsletter at the bottom of the page and they will email every new article.  Click here to go to their News Letter page.

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  • Chris Fisher

    Pdf’s will be very helpful to members, great idea.

    • admin

      Thanks for the comment Chris. The pdfs are now available to download. Martin

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