Project Container – The Big Move!

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This week there has been great excitement on the arrival of the Club’s new storage container at the West Ashby Village hall.  After many month’s of work by Mick Close, planning applications, meetings, some great contacts and a rather impressive feat of engineering to carry out the move, it has finally arrived.  The container was very kindly donated to the club by Vic & Pauline Atkinson, so our thanks go out to them and especially Mick for his hard work in making it all happen.

There is still a lot of work yet to do in cleaning it up, a little welding, painting the outside, insulating, lining, electric installation and fitting out with shelves etc to get it ready to be used.  There is also a lot of ground work still needed to lay over 40 slabs and make good the outside area so its all safe to walk on.

Your help is needed for any of that work, so please speak to Mick or any of the Committee if you have some spare time, willing and able to help where possible.  As they say, many hands make light work, so please don’t leave it all down to just the few to get this project finished.  Here are some photos of before, during and how it got there:

Once emptied, these two had a metal roof over them both that had to be dismantled, which we now know how cats feel on a hot tin roof.  The electric had to be cut off and re-routed.

What a fantastic bit of kit the fork lift was in getting it out of it’s original home and putting it on the trailer.


And we are off to West Ashby!

After some serious reversing skills, the container reaches the new prepared site.


John looking on ensuring it gets positioned just right.

We might need a bigger set of steps to get in it!

And finally, the last sleeper goes in we are ready for phase 2, so watch this space for further updates.

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