General Notices

 In Notices

To promote the club, for those who sell at Craft Fairs and events, there is a flyer by the door that can be photocopied and given out to those interested.  If you want it emailing to you let Martin know.  When giving them out, put your name on them and when your guest then comes to a meeting on presenting the flyer at the door they will get the first night for free.

The club is an associated club of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).  This will provide the club with useful information and importantly Public Liability insurance and equipment insurance.

We need more help to set up before a meeting and clear up after. A number of the committee have ailments which stop them lifting. Would more people please come earlier and help, rather than just arrive and sit down.

Secondly, we seem to have drifted back to a lot of talking during the demos. Would all members restrict their discussion till tea-break or after the meeting, to avoid spoiling the night for those of us who don’t hear too well.  Anyway it’s bad manners as well.

If you have a mobile phone with you, please ensure it is either switched off or put onto silent to not disrupt the demonstrations.

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